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BRING HOME THE MAGIC OF SUMMER (for this Warm Winter!)

Songs of the Viking Life

A selection of songs and poems that speak to the humor, the challenges, and the emotions of living most of your life on the road. 

With these poems to start the conversation, share your life on the road with those you love. 

The ancient philosophers taught that we should live our lives in four phases - Serving ourselves (learning), Serving our Families (building), Serving our Community (giving back), and Wandering (a carefree old age).  This website is for life in the third phase.  It is a Third Village, or Tertius Vicus, where art and ideas will be presented and shared in the Community.

Share you thoughts and work in the Third Village with an email to jim@tertiusvicus.com


Would you like an autographed copy? Order a book and send us a note and we will sign them for you - with special notes for the Holidays if requested.

Books in our Collection - checkout the pages for each book, and the Poem of the Week


The Queen of the Fireflies


For children of all ages - read how the Fireflies shared their magic with the World!  By Kat Pearson, based upon a story she wrote for her Dad.

Share it with kids of all ages!